Господи, напугай, но не наказывай! (epub)


Леонид Махлис


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Leonid Makhlis is a “home” name in the sense that for almost a quarter of a century it sounded every day in every house of the former USSR, where Radio Liberty was listened to, the most authoritative of the uncensored voices of the Russian diaspora.

 “Lord, scare me, but don’t punish me!” - this is the first part of a planned trilogy about the origins and paradoxes of the so-called. "third wave" of Russian emigration. The book is built at the intersection of two genres - ironic prose and intellectual memoirs. The author's literary project contains invaluable experience of contact with amazing people and destinies - from heads of state and Nobel laureates to terrorists and KGB foreign intelligence agents, from the children of repressed leaders of the Russian Revolution to the children of executed conspirators of the Third Reich. Among other things, the author tells how he dined with Armand and Sverdlov, how he was tempted with a bribe by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, about the peculiarities of bear hunting in the camp zone in Kolyma, about the propensity of elephants for class struggle and about the outstanding role of mice in human rights activities.


Leonid Makhlis was born in Moscow in 1945, graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University and emigrated in 1971. In the 2000s, he was the editor of the Athena Papers and Connections magazines (as part of the Partnership for Peace program) and other publications on international security issues. In 2014, the writer’s first book, “Six Careers of Mikhail Alexandrovich. The Life of a Tenor”, ​​which aroused great interest among readers and musicologists. Lives in Munich.

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ISBN 9783910741362
Publisher ISIA Media Verlag
Format epub
Publication date 2024
Number of Pages 606

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