МНОГОХОДОВКА ВЕКА. Дональд Трамп и Дмитрий Рыболовлев на поводке у Кремля (epub)


Юрий Фельштинский


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The book, written by the famous historian Yuri Felshtinsky, is a detective story about the multifaceted intertwining of the destinies of Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev, who went from being suspected of involvement in a murder to a billionaire, in whose pocket were such different people as the president of the island of Cyprus, the Prince of Monaco, the dictator Belarus and the former (and maybe future) US President; FSB generals Sergei Ezubchenko and Vladimir Strzhalkovsky; the permanent ruler of Russia Vladimir Putin and his faithful squire in numerous positions, Yuri Trutnev; the owner of the “free ports” and art dealer of the Swiss Yves Bouvier and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, who bought the painting “Savior of the World” from Rybolovlev for money unheard of in the art world...

What is common between all these people and where their interests converge, the reader will learn from this book, written for those who are interested in modern Russia (and not only Russia); big business and global corruption; intrigues of the Russian special services and dubious transactions on a global scale, financed by Russian money; as well as market prices for famous masterpieces of painting, hidden from human eyes in different parts of the globe.

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ISBN 978-3-910741-86-7
Publisher ISIA Media Verlag
Publication date 2024

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