Питание, продлевающее жизнь


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This book brings together practical advice from many different nutritionists. Hundreds of recipes for the "right" dishes that will not only cleanse your body, but also restore strength and youth. All recipes have been repeatedly tested by readers, and experts in medicine and nutrition give their comments in the book - is this or that product really so healing? The book contains specially designed diets to restore trace elements and vitamins in the body, such as a potassium diet, a diet to increase calcium and magnesium levels, and a lot of practical advice on how to keep an eye on cholesterol and what carbohydrates are healthy. For lovers of radical cleansing, we will tell you in detail how to prepare for fasting, how to enter it and how to get out of it, we will analyze how fasting according to Bragg differs from fasting according to Porfiry Ivanov. And for those who adhere to the traditions of Orthodoxy and believe that fasting is the best diet, a special section of the book will help, which tells about the rules of fasting, with the best recipes for Orthodox cuisine. CONTENT PART 1. LIFE-LONGER NUTRITION Age features of the digestive system. Anti aging vitamins. Protein in the diet of the elderly. Recipes. Fats are good and bad. Minerals and trace elements. Products that normalize the intestinal microflora. Unloading diets for overweight, recommended in old age. PART 2. FOOD THAT HEALS Food that lifts your spirits. Fish for a healthy diet. Spices in the medicine cabinet. Antitoxic nutrition will prevent tumors. So that the thyroid gland does not “float”. Diet for hypertension. Doctor potato. If you want to be healthy, eat healthy carrots. What can compare with the healing pumpkin. My medicine is food. PART 3. NUTRITION AGAINST CANCER Fruits in the nutrition of a cancer patient. We choose cereals. Where to get protein. Legumes for food enrichment. Nuts = proteins + vitamins. Dairy products are indispensable. We increase hemoglobin. Young greens for anemia. Natural immunomodulators. Vitamin D against cancer. PART 4. HEALING DRINK Homemade lemonade recipes. Compote without sugar. mushroom drinks. Tea balms. When alcohol is healing. Let's talk about beer. Kvass traditions. Hop honey - both tasty and healthy. "Living" protium water. Silicon water is a source of good health. PART 5: CLEANSING NUTRITION Cholesterol cleansing. General cleansing for health and weight loss. Joint cleansing. Cleaning up the stones. Cleansing from parasites. Radiation cleansing. PART 6. GREAT LENT DAY BY DAY Great Lent: day by day. First week of Great Lent. Second week of Great Lent. Third week. Great post. Fourth week of Great Lent. Fifth Week of Great Lent. sixth week Great post. Passion Week. Recipes of the monastery cuisine. PART 7. THERAPEUTIC FASTING Medical fasting. Absolute (dry) fasting. Complete starvation. All the pros and cons of curative fasting. Short-term fasting according to I. Samoilova. The method of conducting complete fasting for a long time and medium duration. Way out of fasting. Fasting according to P. Bragg. Starvation according to I. Neumyvakin. Starvation according to Porfiry Ivanov. Starvation according to Yu. Andreev. Starvation according to A. Mikulin. Starvation according to E.K. Frolov.

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Publisher Profit Medien GmbH
Format электронная книга в формате EPUB
Publication date 2015
Number of Pages Объём - 448 стр., цветные иллюстрации.

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