About Us

Sale and purchase of antique and secondhand literature

Bukinist.de is an online bookstore and book market at the same time.
Here you can not only buy, but also sell new and old books. You can put up for sale books, postcards, magazines and newspapers in Russian absolutely free of charge for any period.

The home library has become unnecessarily voluminous and most of the books in the house have not been opened for many years. Then it might make sense to get rid of unnecessary publications, simply by selling them at the best price for you. There are people who can't find the books they need in a store or aren't willing to pay a high price for them, but would love to buy a cheaper used copy.

Our project is focused primarily on used books: publications, for example, that are no longer sold in stores.

  • ► New, used and antique editions on sale
  • ► The shop's assortment is continually replenished by private sellers and booksellers. Every day new arrivals.
  • ► free registration as a seller
  • ► the minimum percentage of sales and only for the goods sold on our website
  • ► maximum convenient sales management: prices, discounts...
  • ► payment security and a wide range of payment methods
  • ► a fast and permanent customer support center
  • ► privacy (Datenschutz)
  • ► more than two million books in the database with descriptions to help listing books for sale