Историко-культурный альманах CONNAISSEUR №2 2019


Составитель и редактор Иван Толстой


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The CONNAISSEUR almanac is dedicated to the publication of archival materials from the history of literature, fine and theatrical arts, social thought in Russia and the Russian diaspora.
Memoirs, diaries, letters, biographical finds, unknown works of art and photographs from private, public and state archives of Russia, Europe and America are published.

The direction is Russian culture of the 19th-20th centuries, both in itself and in its intertwining with world culture. The motto of the almanac is “New about the old.”

CONNAISSEUR is aimed at historians, archivists, literary and art critics, museum owners, gallery owners, collectors, bibliophiles, all kinds of connoisseurs and, more broadly, the reader in general who loves smart and beautiful books.

The second issue is dedicated to artists and children's book authors. A child’s thought is both the thought of the child himself, his view of the world, and an adult’s idea of ​​the child’s world. Children's books and books cry out for their connection with the adult destinies of their creators.

In the second issue: Korney Chukovsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Nathan Altman, Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Viktor Pivovarov and many other names.

Forgotten illustrators: Lev Malakhovsky and Sergei Lodygin
How Korney Chukovsky led the neighbor's boy by the nose
Russian artist Fyodor Rozhankovsky recreates the life of the Indians
Suffering Mikhail Tsekhanovsky, illustrator of Marshakov's "Mail"
Artists around Nikolai Zabolotsky: the familiar and the unknown
Vladimir Nabokov's poem - for the first time from the writer's archive
Viktor Pivovarov about himself and his craft
Nathan Altman: years in Paris

500 pages, landscape format. 700 illustrations and photographs

The almanac CONNAISSEUR is published twice a year in Prague in Russian.
Compiled and editor Ivan Tolstoy

Instance in protective film. The book is new, in perfect condition

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ISBN 9788090677913
Publisher Human Rights Publishers, Prague
Publication date 2019
Number of Pages 500 стр. альбомного формата. 700 иллюстраций и фотографий

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Leipzig, 04357

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