Настольная книга диабетика: 6-е издание


Астамирова Х.С., Ахманов М.С.

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Diabetes is not a disease, but a way of life! Endocrinologist Khavra Saidovna Astamirova and experienced diabetic Mikhail Sergeevich Akhmanov, a physicist and famous writer, know this firsthand. In order to help those who are faced with diabetes, they wrote the Diabetic Handbook. Thanks to it, more than 300,000 diabetics have already been able to master the necessary medical skills, understand medicines and the properties of products, learn about innovations in the treatment and compensation of diabetes. The Diabetic's Handbook has already gone through 5 reprints. Let the 6th updated edition become your reference book and allow you to lead a life of a practically healthy person.

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ISBN 978-5-699-75067-2
Publisher Издательство "Эксмо" ООО
Format 84x108/32
Number of Pages 496
Book series О наболевшем полно и понятно

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