Входя в дом, оглянись


Виктор Мережко

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Antonina Savostina had everything: a wealthy husband, a large rich household, her own cafe, which brought in a constant income. She didn't need anything. All she needed to be happy was... love. It would seem, why not reciprocate with your husband? But she hates her old drinking husband. What kind of love is there! But there is another man who unexpectedly appeared one day in their house - handsome Arthur. An energetic, cheerful worker, who, however, does not have a penny to his name. He can give Antonina nothing - nothing except youth and recklessness. This is whose love she would like to receive! And the employee doesn’t mind... Why not have an affair with a rich married woman? But could Arthur know what awaited him beyond the threshold of the house that he so thoughtlessly crossed? Could he have known where his passion would lead and how he would pay for it?..

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ISBN 978-5-04-092743-2
Publisher Эксмо
Publication date 2018
Number of Pages 480
Bookbinding мягкий

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