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Alexander Melikhov's trilogy "And there is no retribution for them" was written for a long time. Its first part - "Confessions of a Jew" - was published in 1994 in the "New World". According to critics, she made a noise no less than "Two Hundred Years Together" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The second part first saw the light only in 2011 in the book "Shadow of the Father". It took the author 21 years to complete the family saga with the novel Banished from Memory. The grandiose epic about the Russian history of the 20th century by A. Melikhov can be compared in depth and scale with the "Quiet Don" by M. Sholokhov. Yakov Abramovich Katzenelenbogen, having returned from the camp, lives in a northern Kazakhstani mining village. He is a teacher with a capital letter. However, next to this common favorite lives the image of a Jew - cunning, cowardly, greedy ... And the son of Yakov Abramovich - Levka - is trying with all his might to prove that he is not like that. The despair of the son leads to the denial of the father's national past. The already elderly Lev Yakovlevich has to pay for this betrayal. To atone for his guilt, he decides to take revenge on the investigator for expelling his father from history, cutting off from life's purpose.

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ISBN 978-5-699-84711-2
Publisher Эксмо
Format 12,5x20
Publication date 2015
Library Circulation 4000
Number of Pages 704
Book series Большая литература. Проза Александра Мелихова
Bookbinding Твердый переплет, суперобложка

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