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Александр Мелихов

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"So I want love!" - constantly repeats the heroine of one of the stories of A. Melikhov Lorelei of Moscow bottling. "So I want love!" - other characters echo her. It doesn't matter if they are Lucretia or Medea. After all, both terrible crimes and simpler sins are committed by them solely because of love - for its sake or for its lack. "And it's so pitiful for everyone," Dina Rubina writes about the heroes of the stories, "that the heart is simply torn with pity!" The new book by A. Melikhov, which includes new works and previously written ones, is a deep reflection of the writer about a woman, her archetypes, about the divine nature of love and the human nature of vulgarity.

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ISBN 978-5-699-86980-0
Publisher Эксмо
Publication date 2016
Library Circulation 2 000
Number of Pages 320
Book series Большая литература. Проза Александра Мелихова
Bookbinding Твердый переплет, суперобложка

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