Исчадие рая


Марина Юденич

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A series of terrible murders - ruthless, insidious, carefully planned and requiring considerable skill - shakes the narrow world of an elite society that has long been fenced off from life with an impregnable fence. In the life of these people there was everything that gave full grounds to compare it with paradise. This paradise was by no means granted to them by someone. They built it themselves, brick by brick, folding the fence and planting the future booths in the heavenly land with thin stems.
When they decided that their own, personal paradise was finally erected on this sinful earth, it suddenly turned out: a terrible creature settled in it - cunning, dodgy, bloodthirsty. Strangers were not allowed here, and only one thing remained - the predator was born and nurtured here, he is nothing but a fiend of a man-made paradise. And in the new novel, she remains true to herself: the feeling of the constant presence of silent witnesses and messengers of eternity does not leave the reader until the last page, until the terrible secret of the fiend is revealed. do they not coexist in our souls, in eternal struggle, but also in eternal unity? And if you think about it, a terrible monster that breaks free devours only the elect...

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ISBN 5-237-04472-7
Publisher АСТ
Publication date 1999
Number of Pages 399
Bookbinding Hardcover

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