Трудоустройство россиян за границей: практический справочник


Кузнецов И.Н.

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What should a citizen traveling abroad for the purpose of employment know? You would like to work abroad but don't know where to start. You have many questions. How to write a resume and how best to prepare for an interview? How to conclude a contract and apply for a residence permit? What is the best way to prepare for a trip? How to ensure your personal safety? You will find answers to these and other similar questions in the guide. Unlike other publications of this type, the directory does not just provide a list of employers in various countries, but provides information on the employment system, knowing which, everyone will be able to realistically assess their chances and find a job in the country where they can really be in demand with taking into account the specifics of national immigration legislation. Intended for readers who would like to find work abroad on their own. Recommended for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, migrant workers and members of their families; anyone who is interested in employment abroad. The guide will also be useful to those traveling on a tour abroad.

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ISBN 9785476004660
Publisher ГроссМедиа. Москва. 2007
Bookbinding мягкий переплет, 400 стр.

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