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Бедник Наталья Ивановна

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So, flowers on a tray. Have you met them? In museums, at exhibitions, just behind the store counter, at the tea table? A tray is a necessary thing for a person, known for a long time. It is convenient when you need to bring treats to the table, especially hot dishes; it is necessary on the table as a stand for various items of its decoration and drinks.

To prolong the flowering, to stop the beautiful moment of blossoming, to force changeable beauty to constantly accompany a person - isn’t this the task of art, which creates a special human world, its immediate environment - a “second nature”, sometimes successfully competing with the only and first? This is how images of flowers appear in still life paintings, in paintings on the walls of houses, on fabrics, vases and cups, on trays.

Drawings by L.A. Solodovnikova

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Publisher Художник РСФСР
Publication date 1986
Number of Pages 36
Bookbinding Мягкая

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ISIA Media Verlag UG (L)

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