Фальшивомонетчики. Как распознать фальшивые деньги


Романов С.


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The counterfeiter is a rare and very dangerous criminal profession. Genuine "masters of the genre" work here. In one of the prisons of the former USSR, one prisoner, with the help of a pen and a pencil stub, drew a "state treasury ticket" so accurately that even experienced Goznak workers were amazed. They could not visually distinguish a fake bill from a genuine one, and a special examination was required. What can we say about the entire underground printing houses operating now, equipped with the latest technology ?! The production of not only money has been put on stream, but also credit cards, securities, travel documents ... Each of you, dear readers, can at any time get your hands on a fake banknote, a fake receipt, a fictitious share. Be careful! "Faking tickets of the Bank of Russia is punishable by law," but counterfeiters are on the alert, constantly coming up with new, more sophisticated methods of robbing the state and your pockets. This book, at least to some extent, should help you "separate the wheat from the chaff", real banknotes from a talented imitation ...

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ISBN 5-699-11679-6
Publisher Эксмо
Format 130х200 мм
Publication date 2005
Number of Pages 384
Book series Новейшая история криминала
Bookbinding Твердая обложка

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