Модная фигура за 20 минут в день


И. Зайцева


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Appetizing figure in 20 minutes a day? This is real! The proposed program does not contain complex elements, but is very effective and within the power of women of any age. Is it worth it to spend precious hours attending group classes at a sports club, if, as a rule, the group is formed without taking into account the level of the client's training? Isn't it better to choose a feasible program for exercising at home? Regular and properly structured classes will give you no less fitness effect than when visiting a club. Step-by-step illustrated instructions will allow you to perform all exercises accurately and with high efficiency. You yourself will force the body to burn fat for energy! The implementation of the proposed sets of exercises will be your best prevention of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and breast cancer. You will get rid of insomnia, improve reaction, form psychological stability and endurance, and learn to enjoy sex more.

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ISBN 978-5-699-28765-9
Publisher Эксмо
Format 70x100/16
Publication date 2008
Number of Pages 192
Bookbinding Softcover

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