Наши праздники: Книга для детей и взрослых


Болдырева Л.Ю

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Our Holidays: A book for children and adults who want to make the holidays truly fun.

You have in your hands an unusual book from the Pyramid series. This book is dedicated to special days of our lives - holidays. Of course, everyone loves holidays, especially children. A new book will tell you how to organize holidays for children in the family. For a long time, people have been celebrating solemn and joyful events with holidays. Some of them are associated with the seasons and are celebrated every time the onset of winter, spring, summer or autumn. Others are dedicated to historical events, and others, such as birthdays, mark important events in each person's life.

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ISBN 5-89178-069-0
Publisher Екатеринбург : У-Фактория
Format 60x84/8
Publication date 1998
Number of Pages 120
Bookbinding Hardcover

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