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An excellent photographer, author of reports from the hot spots of the world, recognized, successful and wealthy, Shade Colby had long determined the amount of his fees and still worked alone. When a prestigious magazine asked him to do a photo essay about modern America, he was ready to accept, but he was embarrassed that this time he would have to work in tandem with another photographer. Brian Mitchell specialized in pictures of the rich and famous, she was interested in the beautiful side of life, and Shade was in real life. Colby did not expect anything good from a meeting with a glamorous photographer. Brian turned out to be a real beauty and a very determined young lady. Colby decided to take on this task and, during the three months of traveling together, find out how he feels about this woman ...

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Publisher Центрполиграф
Publication date 2014
Number of Pages 256
Bookbinding твердый

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Seller type: Company (business)


Book market
ISIA Media Verlag UG (L)

Volbedingstr. 2 A2-03
Leipzig, 04357

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