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Иконников-Галицкий А.

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The book of the famous historian and publicist A.A. Ikonnikov-Galitsky is dedicated to one of the tragic periods in the history of St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad and in the history of Russia - the years of the revolution and the Civil War. The author talks about the rampant crime that swept Petrograd after the February Revolution, and especially after the October Revolution, about the political forces and leaders that inspired the world of crime, about the fight against crime, which led to the establishment of the Red Terror. The author pays special attention to the difficult, and sometimes resembling an adventurous novel, the fate of the ideologists of the red and white movements, in whose activities politics turned out to be inseparable from crime. The book is written on the basis of extensive material: judicial and police chronicles, scientific research, archival sources. It includes more than 200 illustrations, photographs, Bolshevik and White Guard posters, leaflets, announcements, cartoons of those years.

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ISBN 978-5-91181-642-1
Publisher Азбука
Format 60?90/16
Publication date 2008
Library Circulation 5000
Number of Pages 352
Book series Искусство жизни
Bookbinding твердый

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