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М. Фарадей

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This book, which is over a hundred years old, is a lecture for children given by the great English physicist Michael Faraday. Faraday tells in it about the various laws of nature with which the burning of a candle is associated. The book will bring real pleasure to the schoolchild, and the teacher, and the student, and the physicist. All of them will read the book with interest. An afterword by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences B.V. Novozhilov has been added to Faraday's lectures, which introduces the reader to modern ideas about combustion.

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Publisher Главная редакция физико-математической литературы издательства "Наука"
Format 84x108/32
Publication date 1981
Number of Pages 126
Book series Библиотечка "Квант"
Bookbinding Softcover

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