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The collection presents the work of three Latvian prose writers. V. Kayak is a master of psychologically subtle storytelling and the author of fascinating detective novels. No matter how complex the intrigue of Caillac, the author of the detective novel THE MIRACLES OF BRIGIT, may be, Caillac, the psychologist, will definitely show himself in it. An interesting plot is not the only and not the main advantage of the novel, it is in the formulation of complex psychological problems. The work of G. Tsirulis is well known to the Russian reader. A new novel, DARLING, TAKE YOUR TIME... is written on behalf of a journalist who becomes involved in a crime investigation. The author reflects on why the destinies of people are so confused, what we all must do so that a strong and good beginning wins in people. A.Kolberg from the first steps of his work remains true to the detective genre. As in the writer's previous novels, the dominant feature of the new novel IN THE NIGHT, IN THE RAIN... is a study of the socio-psychological causes of crime in our society.

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Publisher Лиесма
Publication date 1985
Number of Pages 495
Bookbinding Hardcover

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