Хоккей в моем сердце. Об игре, друзьях и недругах


Михайлов Борис Петрович

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One of the greatest hockey players of our time, Boris Mikhailov, won almost everything he could. Some of you saw him live on the ice, others are familiar with the game of the legendary number 13 from video recordings. On the court, he was known as a fighter, the king of the spot in front of the goal - the place where they always hit, hit hard. Mikhailov knew how to endure, and therefore his record for goals scored in a career has still not been broken.

In the book he talks about a lot - about his life before hockey, in hockey and after it. Doesn't reach into his pocket for words, doesn't smooth out sharp corners. He has his own opinion on everything.

Perhaps controversial, but its own. Who, besides Kharlamov, was the leader of the USSR national team in the 1972 Super Series with Canadian professionals? Why did Mikhailov and his partners in the star trio refuse million-dollar contracts?

What is the reason for the defeat of the Soviet team by the Americans at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid? How did CSKA during the times of Anatoly Tarasov and Viktor Tikhonov differ from other clubs? How should the Russian champion title be played out in the KHL?

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ISBN 978-5-699-91038-0
Publisher Эксмо
Format 84x108/32
Publication date 2016
Number of Pages 256
Book series Михайлов Борис. Книги легендарного хоккеиста
Bookbinding Hardcover

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Jūrmala, LV-2010

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