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Dwight Eisenhower is a typical embodiment of the "American dream": a native of a poor family, who led the state. He is the only US president to become world famous even before he took the highest government post, as commander in chief of the Anglo-American army, which opened a second front in Europe and met with allied Soviet troops in the heart of Nazi Germany. General Eisenhower refused to capture Berlin, believing that this right should belong to the Red Army; in 1945, he stood next to Stalin on the podium of the Mausoleum and received the Order of Victory from the hands of Marshal Zhukov. His presidency saw the first attempt at international détente and the first steps in space exploration, high-profile international scandals over the shooting down of a spy plane over Soviet territory, coups d'état organized by the CIA in other countries, "witch hunts", the expansion of civil rights of the black population and the construction of federal roads . The book, based on materials from the American archives, tells about a general who hated wars and the only president in the 20th century under whom the United States did not fight.

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ISBN 978-5-235-03847-9
Publisher Молодая гвардия
Publication date 2015
Number of Pages 432
Book series Жизнь замечательных людей
Bookbinding Hardcover
Language Russian

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