Введение в практическую информатику

Анатолий Попков


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Introduction to practical computer science

Popular science edition

Series: Mass Radio Library. Issue 1163.

Author: Anatoly Ivanovich Popkov

In a popular form, the principles of operation, design and architecture of computers are stated; programming languages; processes of writing,
translation and debugging of programs; using text editors to work with character information. Information about computers of domestic and foreign production is given. Examples of programs are given and methods of their creation are explained. The trends and prospects for the use of computers in the national economy, education and everyday life are discussed. The book is supplied with a terminological dictionary.
For beginners to study computer science; the book will be useful to teachers of computer science in schools, colleges, secondary specialized educational institutions.


Information and computers - what do they have in common?
Computer architecture.
Peripheral devices.
Algorithmization and programming.
Editors and text preparation.
Translating programs into machine language. Debugging and testing.
Operating system.
Computer use.
Terminological dictionary.

Data sheet

ISBN 5-256-00528-6
Publisher Радио и Связь
Format стандартный
Publication date 1990
Library Circulation 200000
Number of Pages 160
Book series Массовая радиобиблиотека
Bookbinding Softcover
Language Russian

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