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Платова В.Е.

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Cold Petersburg. The sad creaking of bus doors. Forty two stops. Passengers enter and exit. Rhythmic and endless cycle. And no one cares about the girl who sits in the back seat, leaning against the window. She is motionless. She is dead. Later, a criminal expert states sparingly: the girl was killed by a professional. With cold blood and precision, he plunged the knife into her body, causing instant death. And no clues. Just questions. And the gusty wind from the Neva, walking through damp neighborhoods and causing mortal melancholy...

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ISBN 9785040974566
Publisher Издательство "Эксмо" ООО
Format 84x108/32
Number of Pages 384
Book series Завораживающие детективы Виктории Платовой (Новое оформление)

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