Странное происшествие в сезон дождей

Платова В.Е.

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Everything about this house is strange, just like the damp, parky Cambodia in which it is located.

It is filled with strange African artifacts. The owner of the house Dasha is also strange. Nobody knows where she gets the funds for a comfortable existence. There's her husband Sean, getting so drunk he can't be woken up. Here is Anne-Sophie's friend, who knows something about the hostess that makes her die of envy. Here's journalist Ian, who better keep his mouth shut. But a random guest in this house is a Russian Darling with a heavy bronze figurine of a Benin leopard. And with this figurine, someone strong and cruel dealt the owner a fatal blow to the temple.

Police. Interrogations. Blurred looks of the suspects. Everything is very, very strange in this house...

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ISBN 9785170746156
Publisher АСТ
Format 84х108/32
Publication date 2011
Library Circulation 10000
Number of Pages 479
Bookbinding твердый

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