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Совершенно новое Putins Russia

Putins Russia

Politkovskaya A.



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Internationally admired for her fearless reporting, especially on the Chechen wars, award-winning journalist Anna Politkovskaya has turned her steely gaze on the man who, until very recently, was a darling of the Western media. A former KGB spy, Vladimir Putin was named President of Russia in 2000. From the moment he entered the public arena, he marketed himself as an open, enlightened leader eager to engage with the West. Unlike many European and American journalists and politicians, Politkovskaya never trusted Putin's press image. From her privileged vantage point at the heart of Russian current affairs, she set about to dismantle both Putin the man and Putin the brand name, arguing that he is a power-hungry product of his own history and so unable to prevent himself from stifling civil liberties at every turn. This is not, Politkovskaya argues, the kind of leader most contemporary Russians want. To prove her theory, she tells the story of Putin's iron grip on Russian life from the point of view of individual citizens whose situations have been shaped by his unique brand of tyranny....


ISBN 9781843430506
издательство Random House
формат 129x196 мм
год выпуска 2004
количество страниц 310
переплет мягкий
язык Английский

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