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Army of Shadows by Joseph Kessel is a book that grew out of the author's direct impressions and personal participation in the anti-Hitler resistance of the French people. All the characteristic features of the writer's creative method - his predilection for the fact, the desire to capture courageous and heroic characters - found the most complete embodiment here. It is not for nothing that Kessel begins the preface to his book with the statement that “there is no propaganda or fiction in it”, that “only true facts”, “ordinary facts of everyday French life” are collected here, and ends with the words that “France has never been did not wage a more sublime and beautiful war ”and his only desire as the author to most accurately recreate the heroic images of people who were members of the Resistance.

Data sheet

Publisher Художественная литература
Publication date 1971
Number of Pages 176
Bookbinding Softcover

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