Славянские древности. Том 3. К (Круг) - П (Перепелка)

Никита Ильич Толстой

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The dictionary `Slavic Antiquities` is the first experience in Slavic studies of an encyclopedic dictionary of the traditional spiritual culture of all Slavic peoples. It sums up more than a century of study of Slavic languages, folklore, mythology, ethnography, folk art. Representing primarily scientific interest, this work, at the same time, is an exciting read for the widest range of readers. The dictionary tells about different aspects of the spiritual life of the Slavic peoples. Special articles are devoted to folk ideas about God, the Mother of God, patron saints, hell and heaven, beliefs about sorcerers and witches, evil spirits and spirits. The dictionary tells in detail about the folk festive life, the family way of life and rituals of the Slavs.

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ISBN 5713312070
Publisher Международные отношения, Москва
Publication date 2004
Number of Pages 697
Bookbinding твердый, суперобложка

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