Тихий ангел

Наталья Нестерова


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Contents: Dad is joking; Grisha-Mercedes; Navarch's wife; matchmaking; And the rest, a beautiful marquise ... ; One in the field is a warrior; What flows through the wires; Examiner; Husband on loan; Silent Angel; grandmothers We learned from school that all happy families are equally happy, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. But why do people go to happiness in such difficult ways, each time filling new bumps? Why does one boat crash against everyday life, while the other deftly maneuvers between reefs of mutual misunderstanding, irritability and spiritual deafness? Being together is a complex art, worldly storms lie in wait for us at every step. If you managed to recapture the Prince Charming from his rightful but unworthy half, pass the test of acquaintance with future relatives with honor, tie the knot with the one you dream of, not succumb to the provocations of your best friend, forgive your dear creature for random flirting on the side, then... Then expect surprises from children and grandchildren!

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ISBN 9785373017633
Publisher Олма Пресс
Publication date 2008
Number of Pages 279

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