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Dmitry Bakin (Bocharov) rarely appeared in editorial offices and was never even present at ceremonies for presenting literary awards to him. But among experts he is rated extremely highly. The prose writer was awarded by a number of magazines - "Ogonyok" (1989), "Znamya" (1995). Winner of the Anti-Booker Award in the prose category “The Brothers Karamazov” (1996) and finalist of the “Northern Palmyra” Award in the “Prose” category with the collection “Country of Origin”. His works have been published in Great Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries. The collection of stories was published in translation in France (publishing house Gallimard) earlier than in Russia - becoming his first book. The memorable book “About Falling into Lost” includes essentially everything that one of the most mysterious and interesting, according to leading critics, prose writers in Russia, the second, managed to write before his early death (April 7, 2015 at the age of 51) half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries.e

The book presents stories known from the book “Country of Origin” (1996) and written in later years and published in the capital’s magazines “Znamya” and “New World”, three chapters from the unfinished novel “From Death to Birth” , the narrative outline of a historical story with the provisional title “Francis Craig, or Flirting with the Gallows.” The Appendix contains the last and only interview of the writer, given in 2008 to an online newspaper, letters from the army (1982-1984), responses and reviews of famous critics and literary scholars to his first and subsequent publications, as well as other materials related to his name. Drawings in the book are by Dmitry Bakin.

"..Dmitry Bakin is not so well known to Russian readers. Although in the West, where his stories are happily translated and published, Bakin has long been called the “modern Nabokov” or “Russian Faulkner.” For his rare ability to handle language and immerse the reader into the subtle experiences of the characters, for the hypnotic magic of his prose.

Dmitry Bakin spent twenty-five years behind the wheel of a truck, observing, absorbing the life around him, conveying with incredible accuracy and beauty the subtlest movements of the soul of his heroes. His latest book, “About Falling to Lost,” includes all of his works - from short stories and novellas to chapters from an unfinished novel. The book was published in Germany in Russian, and, fortunately, now everyone has the opportunity to read it, at least in electronic form, in order to appreciate how original and talented the writer was next to us. Unfortunately, Dmitry Bakin’s life ended too early, at only 51 years old. Therefore, the Bunin Literary Prize was awarded to him posthumously. The board of trustees of the prize, chaired by the rector of the Moscow Humanitarian University Igor Ilyinsky, restored justice, and now one of the most mysterious and interesting prose writers in Russia, we hope, will find readers who have not yet plunged into his lines."

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 10/25/2017

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ISBN 978-3-00-052272-7
Publisher ISIA Media Verlag, Leipzig
Publication date 2016
Number of Pages 346
Bookbinding Твердый

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