Самые громкие судебные процессы. Преступление и наказание со времен инквизиции до наших дней


Составители Александр Соловьев, Валерия Башкирова

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This book is about the most notorious lawsuits in the history of mankind. About how the institution that administers justice was created and developed. About the formation of the third branch of power. The book has five parts. The first part ("God be their judge...") deals with trials centered on questions of faith and the Church, and the prosecution of those who threatened the purity of the former and the integrity of the latter. Simply put, "judicial Gothic", witch hunts, torture and other horrors of the Middle Ages. However, echoes of these strange stories are still found today. The second part ("Defendant, stand up!") contains stories about people who at various times ended up in the dock. Poets and philosophers, statesmen and businessmen... Some of them were convicted, some were acquitted. The court broke someone, made someone stronger, but in any case, the trial changed their fate. The third part ("History will judge them...") tells about the trials of former heads of state. After all, even the highest post does not save from prosecution. The fourth part ("And who are the judges?") is devoted to "judicial" - lawyers, prosecutors, judges, advocates and other "inalienable elements" of the judicial system - such as, for example, quarrels, as well as judicial "kitchen": about the principles of justice, trust court and its decisions. The fifth part ("The case is being heard...") is a story about the most notorious trials of the late 20th - early 21st century. Today, many problems of everyday life can be solved in court. And many of these problems have to be solved for the first time - for example, about where the line is between an "act of mercy" and a banal murder, if we are talking about euthanasia.

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ISBN 978-5-699-38015-2
Publisher Коммерсантъ, Эксмо
Format 145х215 мм (средний формат)
Publication date 2010
Number of Pages 368
Book series Библиотека "Ъ"
Bookbinding твердый

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