Лежебокой быть прикольно


Константин Цивилев

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Konstantin Tsivilev and Aleksey Eibozhenko are the laziest radio hosts. They work as "couch potatoes" in the program of the same name on "Silver Rain". What is it like to live in such a role, especially after they were no longer shown on TV in Segodnyachko and Vremechko? Konstantin decided to recreate their life in reality in funny chronicles, and at the same time share his dreams. You have to meet dozens of porn actors and actresses of the same kind at their festival. And also you will find out what and how they treat in the house of an Italian millionaire. In addition, the story of how the wedding of an oligarch goes on or how to drag an angry Eldar Ryazanov onto the live radio broadcast is not without interest.

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ISBN 5-699-14808-6
Publisher Эксмо
Publication date 2006
Number of Pages 318
Bookbinding Hardcover

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