Охота на изюбря. Стальной король :Олигархическая сага


Юлия Латынина

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Vyacheslav Izvolsky, General Director of the Akhtar Metallurgical Plant, is cruel, talented and unscrupulous. He became the owner of the plant, having thrown out his predecessor, who had treated him kindly, from the director's chair. He started his own cellular communication company so that no one would listen to his conversations, bought the governor of the region and the city police. But the miners' strike and those behind it have brought his plant to the brink of collapse, his city to the brink of ecological catastrophe, and his workers to the prospect of starvation.

striving to protect themselves and their subjects? And does he have the right to stop

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ISBN 5-699-14050-6
Publisher Эксмо
Publication date 2005
Number of Pages 346
Bookbinding твердый

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