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The book of the famous writer Nina Katerli `That Light` includes the novel `The Other World` and the story `Red Hat`. The heroine of the novel, Nadezhda, decides to commit suicide in a year - to die without waiting for the deaf and blind Fate to dispose of her at her own discretion: she will take her health and beauty, turn her from an independent city woman into a humiliated and impoverished old woman, trembling in the face of the advancing of death. Nadezhda will live as she wants for a year, and then ... About the fate of Nadezhda, her friends and daughter Marina, about forbidden love, duty to the family, about meanness and indifference, about a noble homeless person - this and many other novels are about this and many other things in the novel `That Light`. The body of a young girl was found. What's this? Accident? Murder? Suicide? The investigation closes the case. But he cannot be "closed" for himself by the protagonist of the story "Red Hat" - the girl's lover Yuri Myachin. The death of Yana almost deprives him of his mind. A painful nightmare in the form of a woman without a face, hidden by a red hat, which haunted Yuri more than once in his childhood and youth, returns again ... Together with a terrible guess about the cause of the death of his beloved girl.

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ISBN 5224005434
Publisher ОЛМА Пресс
Publication date 2000
Number of Pages 383
Book series Имена
Bookbinding твердый

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