Антология литературы народов Северного Кавказа. В 5 т.. Т. 1 / часть 1: поэзия


Гл. ред. и сост. Казиева А.М.

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The volume presents the best examples of North Caucasian poetry, illustrating the most important stages of its development - from the first author's works to the end of the 20th century. The book contains poetic works of Abaza, Adyghe (Adyghe, Kabardian, Circassian), Balkar, Dagestan (Avar, Dargin, Kumyk, Lak, Lezgin, Tabasaran, Tat), Ingush, Kalmyk, Karachai, Nogai, Ossetian, Chechen poetry translated into Russian language.

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ISBN 978-5-89988-318-9
Publisher Изд. ПГЛУ. Пятигорск. 2003
Bookbinding твердый переплет, суперобложка., 18×27 cm., 1120 стр.

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