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Юрий Поройков


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There are over 100 love poems in this book. Works of this kind constituted, as is well known, the bulk of the world's lyric poetry. From time immemorial, they talk about the same thing, trying to understand what love is. Our author asked himself this question many years ago in his poem “I came to the sage and asked him.”

The answer he received is "Nothing or everything!" - on the cover of the book that we present to your attention.

It is precisely with his frank story about the most important and contradictory feeling that lives in the heart of a person - suddenly flashing and instantly disappearing, filling life with meaning and suddenly losing it, calling and repulsing, giving and taking away - and this book is interesting for people who love poetry ...

The author is the winner of the poetry competition of the Bunin Prize (2007).

In this book, using a smartphone or tablet, by scanning a QR code, you can listen to songs based on the author's verses.

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ISBN 9783000535598
Publisher ISIA Media Verlag
Publication date 2016
Number of Pages 168
Bookbinding Dust jacket

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Leipzig, 04357

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