Противодействие организованной преступности, коррупции, терроризму в России и за рубежом


Виктор Попов

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The monograph examines the genesis, concept and signs of organized crime and corruption, legal and organizational aspects of the fight against these phenomena in Russia and abroad. The problems of the functioning of the state system of combating terrorism, the legal regulation of the use of law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in it are analyzed. The determinants of the criminalization of the life of society, the state and the economy, ways to improve the fight against the most dangerous crime in modern Russia are being explored. Considerable attention is paid to the experience of US intelligence units in this work.

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ISBN 978-5-8323-0498-4
Publisher СГУ
Publication date 2008
Number of Pages 584
Bookbinding Мягкая

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