Голос почерка. Описание коллекции книг, содержащих автографы, из библиотеки М. И. Башмакова


Башмаков А.И., Башмаков М.И.

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The book is a non-standard description of a collection of books containing dedicatory autographs of famous poets, writers, thinkers of the Silver Age. In addition to the formal catalog description of books, the authors offer readers their own, not devoid of their own reader's taste, view of the works included in the described books, or selected texts from these books, pictorial and textual (biographies) portraits of the authors of the books and some participants in the book design (publishers , artists, commentators).

Circulation of 400 numbered and signed copies.

Copy No. 280. Signed by the authors.

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ISBN 978-5-9676-0177-5
Publisher СПбГУ
Format 70x90/16
Publication date 2009
Library Circulation 400
Number of Pages 296
Book series Библиотека Всемирного клуба петербуржцев
Bookbinding твердый

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