Французская историческая школа "Анналов"


Трубникова Н.


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The book is devoted to the history of the French historical school "Annals" - the legendary intellectual tradition that has developed in Western historiography of the 20th century. Through the prism of the general development of historical knowledge in France, the monograph reveals the conditions and origins of the formation of the Annales tradition. The process of formation and further translation of the so-called "classical concept" of the "Annals" is analyzed, with the designation of lines of continuity and negation in its perception by various generations of researchers. The role of "Annals", the ideological profile of their competition strategies in interdisciplinary discussions of the 20th - early 21st centuries is shown. The formation of the institutional network of the "Annals movement", the mechanisms of its intellectual influence within the framework of the French and world professional community is traced. The monograph has been prepared on the basis of an extensive database of written sources, many of which were not previously known to the Russian reader. Of particular interest is the analysis of the development by Russian historians of the theoretical heritage of the "Annals" school.

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ISBN 978-5-91791-229-5
Publisher Квадрига.
Format 60х90/16
Publication date 2017
Number of Pages 336
Book series Исторические исследования
Bookbinding твёрдый

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