Изучение России современными историками Запада и Востока.


Трубникова Н.В., Рогаева И.Е., Агеева В.В.


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Abroad in the 1990s The outdated Sovietology was replaced by Russian studies — a comprehensive interdisciplinary study of Russian civilization as a living interethnic unity based on the world tradition of a civilizational approach. The presented collective monograph is devoted to the analysis of research practices of modern world Russian studies. The study, based on a thorough study of the works of foreign scientists, comprehensively covers the current state of Russian studies in various countries. The authors analyzed the works of French, Anglo-American, German historiographers, as well as the state of Russian studies in a number of Asian countries, which makes it possible to create a comprehensive vision of all areas of modern Russian studies, to develop a generalized historiographical understanding of this issue. Rogaeva I.E. The history of pre-revolutionary Russia through the prism of modern Anglo-American Russian studies; Ageeva V.V. "Existential Labyrinths" russian studies: the history of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia in modern Anglo-American historiography; Ageeva V.V., Shtanko M.A. Modern German Russian studies: specifics of discourse, thematic fields and processes of institutionalization; Andronova L.A. The specifics of modern East Asian Russian studies (PRC, Japan and the Republic of Korea); Kotov A.S. Information and communication technologies in historical research, etc.

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ISBN 978-5-91791-305-6
Publisher Квадрига
Format 25 см х 20 см х 3 см
Publication date 2019
Number of Pages 262
Book series Исторические исследования
Bookbinding Hardcover

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