Ничего хорошего. От начала войны до похорон Навального (epub)


Олег Кашин


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“There is nothing Russophobic about admiring the courage and strength of Vladimir Zelensky today, but there is also nothing cannibalistic about wishing a revival for your self-burnt Fatherland, Russia,” this is how Oleg Kashin began his war diary in February 2022.

His comments infuriate propagandists and fanatics on both sides, but time passes, and what Oleg Kashin expressed as a scandalous hypothesis becomes commonplace for both Russians and Ukrainians. A close and unbiased look from a famous Russian journalist, describing life in real time in the classic format of a “writer’s diary.” A master of journalism, one of a kind, day after day with you.

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ISBN 9783689590024
Publisher ISIA Media Verlag
Format epub
Publication date 2024
Number of Pages 660 стр. (печатное издание)

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Book market
ISIA Media Verlag UG (L)

Volbedingstr. 2 A2-03
Leipzig, 04357

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